PP合成紙 PP Synthetic Paper and Sheet

產品代號: BJE, 名稱: Eco-Solvent處理用膠布, 厚度: 0.17mm, 壓紋: 463, 基重 g/m2:  198.9
Product Code: BJE, Application: Eco-Solvent Coating Film, Thickness: 0.17mm, Emboss: 463, Mass g/m2:  198.9

非塗佈型 Uncoated Type

產品物性僅供參考,實際以交貨提供的檢驗證明書(certificate of analysis)為主

Strong textures, strong tensions, better embossing effects, better flatness, and not easily to be corrugated
Common Printing, Degree of Weather Resistance, Inkjet, Carry bag, Raw Material, Packaging, Soft Material
Customization projects: slicing processing, surface embossing, colored water, anti-static electricity, surface processing, weather resistance processing and product with special specification
The testing standards of products are based on ASTM and JIS mainly.
The property of the product is for reference only. For the practical products, the certificate of analysis provided while being delivered shall prevail.